Advanced Medical Directives Lawyer Des Moines, IA 

Advanced Medical Directives Lawyer Des Moines, IA - Power of Attorney and Living WillIf you have not yet drafted any estate plan documentation – or you have only drafted a will – it is time to speak with a knowledgeable Des Moines, IA advanced medical directives lawyer at the Law Group of Iowa about your additional estate planning needs. All too often, individuals are led to believe that if they simply draft a will, their estate planning work is done. In truth, basic estate planning needs extend beyond dictating how your property will be distributed in the wake of your death.

Once you meet with a skilled Des Moines advanced medical directives lawyer at our firm and they learn more about your unique life circumstances, needs, and preferences, they’ll be able to provide you with personalized guidance concerning which estate planning documentation you’ll need to put in place to “cover all your bases.” Regardless of your age, economic status, and familial status, however, our team will certainly recommend that you name a power of attorney and work with us to put an advanced healthcare directive into place.

What Is an Advanced Medical Directive?

An advanced medical directive – also commonly referred to as a living will – allows you to specify whether you do or do not consent to certain kinds of medical care in the event that you have been incapacitated by an illness or injury that renders you unable to make these declarations to your care team in the moment.

Indicating how you want to be treated – and when you want your care team to refrain from providing specific kinds of treatment – will better ensure that your wishes are honored in the event that you become so ill or injured that you cannot advocate for yourself. For example, you may choose to specify at what point you would or would not consent to be taken off of life support in the event that you have fallen into a coma.

If you choose to name a power of attorney for healthcare, that personal representative will only make independent decisions on your behalf if you have not specified your needs and preferences in re: a specific matter within your living will. Meaning, this document will govern the ins and outs of your care while you’re incapacitated. Your power of attorney will only be called upon to make decisions if a situation falls outside of scenarios detailed within your advanced medical directive.

Legal Assistance Is Available

The process of outlining your wishes in the event of an injury or illness so severe that it is incapacitating can be an intimidating process. Know that the compassionate Des Moines advanced medical directives lawyer team at the Law Group of Iowa will do everything we can to make the process of protecting your rights and interests in this way as low-stress as possible for you. Although it can be tough to take this step, your future self may thank you profoundly for making this effort. We look forward to speaking with you.