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Law Museum of Iowa


The mission of the Law Museum of Iowa, housed within the privately owned two-thousand square foot courtroom at the Law Group of Iowa, is to educate and motivate all who enter its doors about the American legal system and the constitutionally protected right to trial by jury.

The history of, and changes to, the American legal system is illustrated through varied legal documents and courthouse memorabilia, some of which pre-date the founding of America. Many different states (and countries!) and represented, however, many of the finest pieces in the museum are native to Iowa.

Visitors to the Law Museum of Iowa will learn how juries are selected, how they deliberate, and how a verdict is rendered. Whether a guest spins the jury wheel, pokes away at a stenography machine, sits behind the judge's bench and hammers a gavel, or even takes a seat in one of the original juror chairs, it is believed that by this experience, the importance of trial by jury, as guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, will become relevant to attendees.

Other exhibits at the Law Museum of Iowa include 'Justice Around the World' in which courts from around the world are exhibited as well as 'Law in Advertising' which features antique advertisements in which the legal system is prominently used.


As the Law Museum of Iowa is housed in a working law office, prior to arriving, it is recommended that prospective visitors call ahead to be sure the museum is not in use. However, every effort is made to accommodate walk-in guests.

Groups that wish to participate in the field trip must make arrangements in advance.


For a deeper dive into legal history and juries, and to further promote education through participation, the museum team has created, 'I'll See You In Court'; a one-of-a-kind interactive field trip that is one-part American legal history and one part a hands-on experience in which students are seated as jurors, deliberate over fact patterns, and render their final verdict.

This education and unique experience can only be found at the Law Museum of Iowa at the Law Group of Iowa. The intent of the field trip is to expose students to the inner working of the trial by jury system from Summons to Verdict while at the same time exposing them to the history and evolution of the American legal system.

This free field trip is ideal for middle-school teachers and student who are, have, or will be learning about the legal system, the Judicial branch, and/or civics.


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