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Many people feel more comfortable with a law firm they can rely upon as a trusted partner, supplying advice and counsel for a wide range of legal matters and our attorneys at Law Group of Iowa provide just that. We have attorneys with a specialty focus, but we also have an experienced legal team that can represent you in many situations — from estate planning and elder law to business law to family law to personal injury and many types of cases in between. Why look for a different attorney every time you need to attend to a legal matter? We get to know you and your needs and interests so that when legal issues arise, we’re on point to take care of them. Have a question? Call us today!

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Law Group of Iowa


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When you need to make sure your and your family’s rights are protected no matter what the future brings, call on a law firm that can help you with all your legal needs.

Legal Needs Simplified

Some people have the need for legal advice and/or assistance a few times in their lives, some people a few more, and some people need to have legal counsel on their team throughout most of their lives. The different reasons that people need legal help are almost as diverse as each individual and the reasons for their specific legal needs.

Regardless of whether or not you’ve needed a lawyer in the past and are experienced with looking for the right kind of lawyer who is especially suited to your needs, looking for a good lawyer who you can trust is often time consuming at best, and for many people, overwhelming and draining.

The Law Group of Iowa is available to save you time and the hassles of looking for a specific type of lawyer because we are a full-service law firm that is available to rise up without hesitation to meet all your legal needs. Many firms tout their expertise in one or a few specific areas of the law and while we are able to provide this to our clients, our team offers a full-range of knowledge and experience in most areas of the law.

Your legal needs are simplified when you have one law firm on your side that will stay there with you for as long as you need, as well as being available for you should future needs arise- even if they are not related to the ones you initially came to us for. If you are the type of person who chooses to get all of your groceries at one store instead of running all over town for the same quality of goods, why waste your time looking for different lawyers throughout your life if you know that your and your family’s legal needs can be protected by one firm that is consistently on your team?

Our lawyers use varied strategies that can be most beneficial to your case and are not limited to specialty areas of law practice. Thus, we may be a better fit for your case than a specialty or “boutique” lawyer. We are committed to doing the best job possible for our clients, and are highly acclaimed and experienced legal advocates. As consummate professionals, we won’t take on your case if we do not believe we can represent you with commitment, dedication, and passion. We’re eager to hear from you about how we can help. Call us today to get started with an informative consultation.

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The history of law is fascinating! Learn more about how the legal field developed, how legal practice has shaped modern law, and so much more!

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Chances are, whatever your legal need, we’’ll be able to assist you. We pride ourselves in being able to help you conquer your legal challenges and will do our best to provide you with lawyers who can bring your legal matter to a favorable resolution.

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With our team of personal injury professionals, you can be sure that the rights of you and your loved ones will be well protected. Our team of attorneys and staff have many years of experience and have helped countless clients through a variety of legal issues.

Client Review

"My experience with the Law Group of Iowa and Tom Tully was excellent and I recommend them without reservation. I was involved in a fall at work that was clearly due to employer’s negligence, but this happened in a state that had laws making it very difficult to collect damages. But due to Tom’s creative strategy involving a very persuasive video, his thoroughness and tough negotiating, I was able to collect a fair and substantial settlement. Highly recommended!"
Bruce Katz
Client Review


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