Attorneys for Police Brutality, Excessive Force and Police Shootings

We  have the right to be free from the use of excessive force by police officers.  The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution can be used to hold police officers accountable.  Our attorneys handle civil rights cases where the police cause injuries or death.  These cases range from beatings and K9 dog bites to those involving police shootings that result in injury or death.  Victims of police misconduct often feel like their trust in law enforcement will never be the same.  Our attorneys can seek monetary damages for victims and attempt to prevent future misconduct by filing a lawsuit.

These cases have been in the spotlight nationally.  With newer tools, including body worn cameras, the public seems to be understanding that there are situations where the police overstep their authority.  Sometimes the videos show disturbing and unjustified levels of force used against people.  Any use of force by a police officer must be objectively reasonable.  If it is not reasonable then there should be consequences for the officer and their employer.  Our attorneys know how to recognize police misconduct and can obtain compensation for victims.

Attorneys for Jail Suicide and Denial of Medical or Mental Health Care

The Constitution requires that inmates be provided with medical and mental health care for serious medical needs.  Our attorneys handle these types of civil rights cases.  Too often inmates are treated poorly and are not provided with the level of care guaranteed by the Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution.  Denial of medications or necessary medical care should not be tolerated and victims can obtain compensation when it occurs during incarceration.

The consequences of these abuses can be very serious, ranging from permanent medical problems to death by suicide.  Denial of medical care for a serious injury or condition could be a violation of an incarcerated person’s civil rights.  Suicide is the leading cause of death in jails across the country.  Many inmates struggle with mental health issues, including feelings of anxiety and hopelessness.  Suicidal inmates deserve protection and compassion.  Our attorneys can hold correctional institutions accountable for these tragic and often preventable events.

Chris Johnston was recently interviewed for a news piece on We Are Iowa Local 5 News regarding policy brutality during a George Floyd protest in 2020. See the video below:

Iowa Assistant AG sues Des Moines police for 2020 protest arrest