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In most situations, when an individual is offered a job at a company, the position they are offered will fall under a specific job classification. This classification will determine what the job requirements are, what the wages and benefits are, and what hours the employee will be required to work. If, however, at a later date, the employer decides to change that job classification, that change can have a major impact on the employee’s financial security, as well as their personal life. At the Law Group of Iowa, each Des Moines, IA employment lawyer has extensive legal experience in this and other type of employment law issues and have a solid reputation of aggressively advocating for our clients to get them the outcome they deserve.

Workers’ Rights

One of the main reasons why an employer may reclassify an employee is because the prior classification is a union position, but the reclassification is now a nonunion job. Instead of an hourly wage, which would pay overtime, the employer can reclassify the position as a salaried position, with no overtime. The employee could now be considered an “at will” employee, meaning they can be fired for any reason or no reason at all.

There is a myriad of employment law issues that have become more widespread over the past several years. Reclassifying an employee is just one common example of the types of client issues our firm handles.

Another unfair employer tactic that each Des Moines, IA employment lawyer from the Law Group of Iowa has seen an increase in recently is employers reclassifying employees as “independent contractors.” In many situations, this is done so the employer can avoid paying the worker the salary they deserve, as well as provide important benefits, including workers’ compensation benefits should the worker become injured, or even unemployment benefits should the employer let the worker go. Independent contractors have no legal protections like employees do.

Another employment legal issue that are employment law firm can help you with is discrimination, including any of the following:

·       Age discrimination

·       Disability discrimination

·       Discrimination based on relationship or association

·       Gender discrimination

·       Pregnancy discrimination

·       Race discrimination

·       Religious discrimination

·       Sexual orientation discrimination

Our employment lawyers also have extensive legal experience in representing clients who are victims of workplace sexual harassment. Incidents of sexual harassment can range from inappropriate comments to physical harassment and even assault. Perpetrators of workplace sexual harassment can include both supervisors and fellow employees. No matter who the perpetrator is, the behavior should never be tolerated by an employer.

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