Probate Lawyer in Des Moines, IAIf you’re looking for a probate lawyer in Des Moines, Iowa, you’ve come to the right place. Law Group of Iowa is ready to help – and while probate can be a challenging and stressful process for everyone involved, we’re committed to making sure things go smoothly for heirs, beneficiaries, and anyone else affected by your loss.

Is probate really that bad?

Probate can be a bitter and lengthy ordeal, and for good reason: Probate is the process of dividing and distributing the estate of the deceased, and depending on the size of the estate and the complexity of the will, it can be almost impossible to fully understand each step. Probate is full of hoops to jump through and unexpected twists, so there’s plenty of opportunity for extra headaches along the way. Legal challenges, complications, infighting – and all before assets are even distributed.

Handling an estate without a will is a nightmare. Handling an estate with a will is a slightly more comfortable nightmare. There’s no denying that a will is an important document. Your loved ones should know what to do after your death. But there’s still lots of opportunities for fighting and drama, all during a time that would be better spent grieving. Fortunately, a probate lawyer in Des Moines, IA can help you keep the bad blood to a minimum.

What does a probate lawyer do for me?

In the simplest terms, a probate lawyer specializes in estate administration. Probate is broken up into several steps:

  1. Each will needs to be verified as conforming to state requirements
  2. Beneficiaries need to be informed that the will has been submitted
  3. Assets need to be found, and value needs to be determined
  4. Debts, fees, etc. need to be paid off
  5. And finally – after all of that – assets can be distributed between beneficiaries

These steps can be quite the process. And each one of these steps generates paperwork, which should be filled and filed out by your probate lawyer. Probate is not a simple matter, and to make things worst, there is always the opportunity for a demanding or vindictive family member (or other beneficiary) to try and challenge the legitimacy of the will, and to sue for assets they feel they deserve more than anyone else. Having legal guidance can prevent any of that from happening.

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Probate can be a stressful process – but it doesn’t have to be. If you have the right probate lawyer on hand, you can be sure that each step will be properly executed and documented, and you can rest easy knowing there’s less room for any sort of legal challenge when it comes time to process the will left behind by your loved one.

There’s a mountain of paperwork to process, and a delicate dance between the state, the estate, the beneficiaries, and you. It’s up to a probate lawyer to make sure everything runs smoothly, to make sure there are no unpleasant surprises, and to make sure you have time to properly grieve. Instead of focusing on paperwork and legal red tape, reach out to Law Group of Iowa today, and see how a probate lawyer in Des Moines, IA can help you.