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Protecting the Rights of Employees in the United States 

A job is more than just the number of hours you spend at your place of employment. Your job is how you survive and make a living. We understand that a job is important to employees because it is how families obtain food, shelter, and clothing. Job security may be threatened by retaliation, illegal discrimination, and wrongful termination. You can suffer emotional and financial injuries if you lose a job for one of these reasons. 

Your employer must pay you for the time you spend working. Not paying you for the time you spend at your place of employment is against the law. If an employer threatens to fire you for inquiring into workplace practices you need to take action immediately. Contact an employment lawyer today at the Law Group of Iowa to learn more about the services we offer. 

Employment Discrimination 

Employment discrimination can occur at any time. The following categories are protected under U.S. federal law. 

  1. Pregnancy 
  2. Disability status 
  3. Age 
  4. Sexual orientation 
  5. Religion 
  6. Gender 
  7. Race 

An employer cannot provide you with favorable treatment or discriminate against you for belonging to any of the categories listed above. If you have been unfairly discriminated against you need to contact an employment lawyer today. Do not think that your employer will be investigated by a third party or some other agency. If you have evidence of discrimination you need to retain an employment lawyer today. 

Wrongful Termination 

Wrongful termination is a difficult term to define. Wrongful termination typically involves being fired from a job despite having a good attitude, results, and performance. Employers do have the right to reduce the number of employees due to alterations in budgets and internal decisions, many people are still wrongfully terminated every day in the United States. 

Discrimination is often interlinked with wrongful termination. Many employees are wrongfully terminated due to race, age, gender, sexual orientation, and pregnancy status. Wage violations are also often found when authorities investigate wrongful termination cases. 

Wage violations may include taking back or refusing to allow guaranteed paid time off. Also, failure or refusal to reimburse someone for expenses is also covered. Wage violations also include mismanaging unpaid breaks and failing to provide mealtime for long work shifts. 

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