Employment Lawyer in Des Moines, IA

If you’ve experienced discrimination in the workplace, an employment lawyer in Des Moines, Iowa can help you get the justice you deserve. Discrimination is still a painful problem for millions of employees across the United States, but you don’t need to live with unfair and negative treatment. Instead, you can reach out to a qualified lawyer from the Law Group of Iowa and start fighting back.

Before you decide to resort to legal intervention, it pays to fully understand discrimination. Discrimination can take many forms in the workplace, and while some acts of harassment are more overt, others are almost silent. It’s easy to spot discrimination when a team leader uses racial slurs, but do you know if you’ve been passed over for promotion because of discriminatory management?

Of course, workplace discrimination isn’t something for management only. You may encounter harassment from all sides, including your own colleagues and team members. It hurts, and nobody should ever have to deal with a hostile work environment. Be on the lookout for the following, and remember that this is not a complete list:

  • Ageism: When you hear about discrimination, you think about certain high-profile types before others. Discrimination based on ethnicity or gender, for example, is almost always talked about in the news and online. However, age discrimination is just as painful and frustrating, and almost never talked about in the mainstream: Too often, older team members are terminated or ignored in favor of younger employees, and it seems nobody is willing to address the issue. Fortunately, an employment lawyer in Des Moines IA from the Law Group of Iowa is willing to help if you’re faced with age-related discrimination.
  • Religion-based harassment: You should be able to practice any religion you want, and without fear of repercussion. If you feel unfairly targeted for your religious practices, you can always file a formal complaint and reach out to a qualified employment lawyer. Your employer is supposed to respect your religious beliefs, and they should also make reasonable accommodations for your need to practice your religion. Sadly, it’s not always the case, and many employers mistreat employees on the grounds of religion.
  • Discrimination based on gender: Ageism and religious discrimination might not be the first thing you think of when you consider the impact of discrimination. However, gender discrimination is a much more high-profile type of discrimination – and while it might seem like it would be easier to spot, its recent time in the spotlight has really just driven gender discrimination underground. Employers (and employees) still discriminate on the basis of gender, but much less frequently in broad daylight. Once discovered, gender discrimination is definite grounds for legal action. If you’ve felt discriminated against because of your gender, you should reach out to an employment lawyer to consider your next steps.

If you’ve been targeted for discrimination in the workplace, you don’t need to suffer alone. At the Law Group of Iowa, we’re ready to stand by your side as you seek justice from your discriminatory employers, and we take steps to ensure it doesn’t happen to anyone else. 

3 Things an Employment Lawyer Can Do

Employment law is a broad field that encompasses most of the legal matters that take place between an employee and their employer. There are many reasons someone would hire an employment lawyer in Des Moines, IA, including wrongful termination or harassment and discrimination by another employee or manager due to age, race, or gender. Here are three things that employment lawyers, such as the ones from Law Group of Iowa, may be able to do for you.

1. Interpret Labor Laws

An employment lawyer in Des Moines, IA, can help clients interpret legal documents related to their job, ensuring that everything from the hiring process to their monetary compensation looks fair and in compliance with the law. This may be especially helpful for those newly entering the workforce since they might be less familiar with labor laws. It is beneficial for both employees and employers to know and understand their rights in case there are any legal issues down the road. 

2. File Lawsuits

If you are an employee or an employer who thinks you have a case involving workplace harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, or another matter, an attorney from Law Group of Iowa can help you file a suit against the other party. Wage and hour lawsuits are another, lesser-known type of lawsuit involving issues where an employee did not receive their entitled compensation. This may occur when an employee is asked to work off the clock or overtime and then is asked not to record the time. Employment lawyers can help you gather the appropriate evidence and apply the law when filing a lawsuit against another individual or a place of business. 

3. File Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workers’ compensation is a particular type of claim made when an employee becomes ill or injured as a result of doing their job. Sometimes, the injured party’s place of employment is found to have been negligent in regards to required health and safety standards. If a workers’ compensation claim is successful, it might help pay for acquired medical expenses and lost wages to the ill or injured party. Seek the advice of an employment lawyer in Des Moines, IA, if you think you might have a workers’ compensation claim. 

If you have been injured at work, have been discriminated against in the workplace, or if you need legal advice and assistance interpreting employment laws in your state, seek the help of an attorney who practices employment law. 

Nobody should have to suffer through workplace discrimination. Contact the Law Group of Iowa today, and see how an employment lawyer in Des Moines, IA can help you today.