Windsor Heights, Iowa — Chris Johnston, attorney and senior partner at the Law Group of Iowa and owner of the Law Museum of Iowa , proudly announces the unveiling of a unique and innovative mural titled “Iowa’s Amaizing Courthouses.” This expansive artwork, prominently displayed within the Law Museum of Iowa, features the state of Iowa and all its 99 counties. Each county on the mural hosts a piece of memorabilia from its respective courthouse, meticulously displayed on clear shelving to represent its geographical location.

“Iowa’s Amaizing Courthouses” merges legal history with Iowa’s rich agricultural heritage, cleverly punning ‘amazing’ with ‘amaizing’ to nod to the state’s iconic corn production. This mural not only serves as an educational piece but also as an artistic marvel, encapsulating the essence of each Iowa county’s unique judicial history.

Chris Johnston, who also practices law across Iowa and the midwest, envisions this mural as a way to connect residents and visitors with the state’s expansive legal and cultural landscapes. “This mural is a tribute to the state I serve and love. It represents the interconnectedness of our communities through the lens of legal history and county-specific stories,” said Johnston.

The Law Museum of Iowa invites all interested individuals to visit and explore this captivating installation. For those unable to travel, an online viewing option is available at, bringing Iowa’s judicial heritage to a global audience.