Breach of contract lawyer Des Moines IAA Breach of contract lawyer Des Moines, IA from the Law Group of Iowa has seen the myriad of reasons why breaches of contracts occur. In any kind of business, there will be agreements written up in the form of a contract that must be signed and abided by each party involved. When one party does not fulfill their side of the arrangement, then they are in breach of that contract. We know that for a business owner, there is nothing more frustrating, or even financially devastating, when someone breaches a contract. It is imperative that businesses have a trusted law firm they can rely on to review contracts prior to signature. 

If your company is dealing with a breach of contract issue, we urge you to get legal assistance right away before the matter can escalate. The four main types of contract breaches, which may include your situation, are described below:

Minor Breach

Otherwise called a partial breach, a minor breach happens when the duty was fulfilled, but the service, goods, or product had an issue with it. An example of a minor breach would be if a home appliance was delivered but the instructions were missing or not complete. In these situations, the non-breaching party is only permitted to sue for actual damages and not specific performances. 

Material Breach

A material breach occurs when there was a failure to fulfill the contract to such an extent that it renders the agreement unrepairable and completely defeats the intention of writing the contract to begin with. An example of this would be hiring someone to perform home repairs of a roof that ends up cracking and leaking right away. The homeowner may wish to seek restitution for not only replacement of the roofing material, but the loss in home value as well. 

Fundamental Breach

As your IA Breach of contract lawyer in Des Moines can explain, when one party does not fulfill a term that was a core component of the agreement, this is referred to as a fundamental breach. An important element of a fundamental breach is that one or more of the other parties were not able to complete their duties in the contract because the breaching party failed to perform theirs.

Anticipatory Breach

An anticipatory breach in contract happens when a party abandons their end before their performance is due. The elements for this kind of breach necessitates that the repudiation is not retracted before the time for performance, or before a detrimental position change by the non-abandoning party. The difference between an anticipated breach and actual breach is when one party doesn’t fulfill their side of the agreement by a due date or doesn’t perform it completely. 

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