Estate Planning Lawyer Windsor Heights IAEstate Planning Lawyer Windsor Heights IA

When you are in need of an estate planning lawyer Iowa residents trust, look no further than the team at Law Group of Iowa. We have helped many people, whether a person needs to make adjustments to an estate plan that is already in place or if they would like to start an estate plan from scratch. The estate planning process can be difficult because it is often looked at as a time when you are coming to terms with how life might be when you are not around. However, consider this an opportunity to ensure everything you have invested in during your lifetime is taken care of and can go to the people you love. If you are planning to create a will, it is a good idea to sit down with our trusted wills lawyer to ensure that this is the right move for you, that you include everything that is necessary, and that you learn if there are any other types of estate planning tools you would like in your arsenal. A will can be a fantastic way of ensuring your loved ones are protected, especially if you have any minor children. 

If you have already worked on your estate plan and would like the help of a probate lawyer, or if you were named in a will and would like representation as the will goes through the probate process, we can help with this as well. Because of its legal nature, a will goes through the probate court to ensure the items and assets get to where they need to go. This can cause tension and arguments among those named–and not named–in the will. If you suspect your will may have these issues or are part of the probate process where issues are coming up, reach out to our probate lawyer now. Similarly, you may have a will in place already or you may wish to only have a trust. Our trust lawyer is here to guide you through the process and show you the advantages of creating trust and what it can do for you and your assets. 

When you are in need of an estate planning lawyer in Iowa, look no further than the Law Group of Iowa. 

Greenbelt Park, Clive, IowaGreenbelt Park, Clive, Iowa

If you are in the estate planning process and are working with our wills lawyer, you may find out very quickly that they recommend taking time to visit Greenbelt Park. At Law Group of Iowa, we know that even the most prepared, type-A planners might have moments during the estate planning process where they need to take a break, clear their heads, or truly stop to consider everything it means to create a will. When this is the case, take a trip to Greenbelt Park. Here, you can find the Greenbelt Trail, which is more than 11.3 miles in length. Whether you get around by walking, running, in a wheelchair, or with your dog, you are welcome to take your time on the trail and enjoy the scenery and wildlife around you. 

If you prefer to spend less time moving and more time sitting, meditating, or thinking, there is a beautiful shelter (which is rentable for larger groups) that has picnic tables, electrical outlets, and grills. Regardless of whether you are coming here alone or wish to bring your family, there is plenty to do, including a fantastic park that your kids can enjoy if you need some quiet time to go through your estate planning documents. It can be so important to not underestimate the value of fresh air and opens paths when you need time to go over life-changing decisions. 

Trail Park Urbandale IowaTrail Park Urbandale, Iowa

If you are hoping to take “the road less traveled” and would prefer to be out in nature but want to do it in a more quiet and remote location, our estate planning lawyer in Iowa from Law Group of Iowa recommends taking the quick drive from our office to Trail Park in Iowa. Located in Urbandale, right outside St. Andrews Apartments, this beautiful park is home to lush green landscapes and beautiful wildlife. Known as a very safe and well-kept park, our probate lawyer recommends visiting after you have been in our office going over legal documents for your estate planning needs. Especially when you need to take time to yourself and consider your options, finding an area like Trail Park can be exactly what you need. 

Whether you are here to enjoy the local wildlife or explore down the trails, Trail Park can provide you with the solitude you need when making your estate planning decisions. We understand that it can feel like a great deal of pressure when it comes to estate planning, especially if you are going through the probate process. However, we encourage our clients to find time where they can get away without feeling like every minute needs to be taken up by legal documents and jargon. Take the short drive to Trail Park when you need to re-group after your legal meetings.

Waveland Golf Course Des Moines IowaWaveland Golf Course, Des Moines, Iowa

When you still want to be out in nature but want a more structured environment, the team at Law Group of Iowa knows that Waveland Golf Course is the place to be. It can be valuable for people who are going through the process of creating a trust with the help of a trust lawyer to do things that keep them on their toes; many people find that not only can they clear their heads when they go golfing, but that Waveland Golf Course provides them with challenging holes. If you are hungry after playing a few rounds of golf, stop into the clubhouse to relax with other golfers and enjoy a delicious lunch. 

It can be difficult to know exactly what needs to go into your trust if you have tried to work on it by yourself. However, if you are working with the trusted team at Law Group of Iowa, you are sure to have everything you need for the estate planning process, including peace of mind knowing that it was done correctly. As you begin the estate planning process, whether you need a wills lawyer, a probate lawyer, or a trust lawyer, know that you are going to be in the right hands during the entire process. If you would like more information on how we can help you with your estate planning or have questions about what to do near our office while you are working with us, give us a call now. Our estate planning lawyer in Iowa from Law Group of Iowa is here to help you today. 


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