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Des Moines Business Contract Lawyer

If you own a business and do not yet periodically consult with an experienced Des Moines, IA business contract lawyer, it’s time to connect with the skilled and reputable legal team at the Law Group of Iowa. Contracts are the lifeblood of businesses of all sizes. Yet, far too often, companies leave themselves vulnerable to legal liability, preventable costs and losses, intellectual property theft, and all manner of other legal and financial challenges simply because they don’t seek legal guidance in a proactive capacity.

Should You Consult a Business Contract Lawyer?

The short answer to the question of “Should you consult a business contract lawyer?” if you haven’t done so ever or in quite a while is “Yes.” All too often, business owners only seek personalized legal guidance when they’re already in trouble. The rest of the time, they make due with second-hand guidance via loved ones, colleagues, or the internet. These efforts are inadequate when it comes to the high-stakes process of minimizing a company’s liability and maximizing its legal protection.

By connecting with a savvy Des Moines business contract lawyer proactively, you’ll better understand when you need to have contracts in place, what kind of language should be utilized for your benefit, and a number of additional subjects that could end up making or breaking your business.

It is not advantageous for lawyers to deal in hyperbole. True professionals stick to the facts without embellishing. As a result, it is important to understand that a business owner’s need to consult an attorney about contract matters in a proactive, periodic fashion cannot be overstated.

Certainly, the skilled legal advocates are Law Group of Iowa is prepared to assist your company if you are already facing circumstances that can best be described as “hot water.” We can help you to enforce the terms of an existing contract, defend your company against allegations that it has breached its contractual duties, and draft contracts for urgent matters.

Yet, business tends to work best when it operates with a wide-lens and a forward-facing focus. Proactive business contract services allow companies to strategize so that the conditions they face are as favorable as possible, as often as possible.

Legal Assistance Is Available

It can be tempting to pull contract templates off of online platforms instead of consulting with an attorney. It’s important to understand that more than 1.3 million Americans are employed as lawyers for good reason. The law is a complex animal. It is exceptionally rare that the geographically-specific, industry-specific, nuanced nature of the law can be distilled into contract templates that can simply be signed by consenting parties and ultimately be enforceable.

Instead of rolling the dice with the business that you worked so hard to build, connect with the knowledgeable Des Moines business contract lawyer team at our firm today to receive personalized guidance and strategy unique to your company’s circumstances, needs, and goals. Investing this time now can save your company time, resources, and perhaps even its viability later on.

Contract Tips

Many business owners rely on a Business contract lawyer Des Moines, IA from the Law Group of Iowa for their business related matters, including agreements and contracts. Because of all the ways that a contract can go awry, we strongly encourage business owners to have an attorney they turn to for advice. Consider these contract tips and reach out to our team if you have questions: 

Get the agreement in writing.

While agreements made verbally may still be legally binding in some situations, it can be difficult to enforce them. In some scenarios, word-of-mouth agreements cannot be enforced at all.  When it comes to business matters, your agreements really should be in writing even if law doesn’t necessitate that you do so. It may seem awkward to ask the other parties to finalize a verbal agreement in writing, but it’s for everyone’s best interests to have a tangible document. In this way, each party can be reminded of their roles, responsibilities, and what they are to receive in return.

Keep the contract simple and clear.

A confusing agreement may become more of an issue than no agreement at all. What you want to avoid is writing a contract that ends up being unclear, leaving a lot of room for dispute. A Business contract lawyer in Des Moines, Iowa can assess your business needs, the other parties involved, and then draft a contract that respects all and protects your best interests too. Contrary to what people may think, you don’t need over complicated wordage to make a contract enforceable. Instead, establish clear and brief terms with a simple outline that is easily readable by all parties.

Identify every party properly.

As your lawyer may share with you, you would be shocked to learn just how many business-minded people forget to double check spelling errors for each party before finalizing a contract. You must use correct legal names so that it is straightforward who was responsible for what under the agreement. Before solidifying any contract, consider having a lawyer from our law firm review it for potential errors so that you can prevent confusion or disputes in the future.

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Never hesitate to recruit help from a lawyer who is familiar with business law. It is worth the time to pause and ensure that a contract is concise, understandable, and not filled with over complicated wordage. If you or someone you know needs assistance with a business matter, you can trust our team to jump in and make a difference. We hope that you consider reaching out to an Iowa Business contract lawyer in Des Moines from the Law Group of Iowa today!