Estate Planning Lawyer Winterset IAEstate Planning Lawyer Winterset IA

An estate planning lawyer in Winterset, IA from Law Group Of Iowa can provide information on estate planning law as well as other legal topics related to estate planning, so that you know how to protect yourself and your family when you need it most. We know that it’s easy to take your legal rights and responsibilities for granted until the unthinkable happens. At the Law Group Of Iowa, we want to help our clients think through the important issues they may face in the future so that they can make educated decisions while they’re still able to make their own choices. As a trusted estate planning lawyer in Winterset, Iowa, we can also assist with probate litigation if necessary. If you have questions about your legal rights or what steps to take next after a loved one has passed away, contact us today for a free consultation with an experienced estate planning attorney!

Estate planning is a very heavy topic, and we know that it can be extremely difficult for families. In our many years of experience, it’s a good idea to take some time to step away from estate planning to relax and clear your mind — and spend time with your loved ones. We have some suggestions from the families we have worked with below; they have recommended these places to us as spaces where they took some time to enjoy their family and stepped away from the sensitive topic of estate planning.

Winterset City Park Winterset, IAWinterset City Park Winterset, IA

If you’re looking for a real escape from the city, head to Winterset City Park in Winterset, IA which is located a little over forty minutes from our office. The park has many great amenities including a fishing pond, playgrounds and picnic areas. There are also several trails that wind through wooded areas of tall trees and offer spectacular views of surrounding hillsides. The park is open year-round and offers camping sites as well as cabins that can be rented out by families or groups of friends who want to get away together. It’s an amazing place to spend time with your family and enjoy nature at its finest!

This is also a great space to spend some time by yourself thinking through your will. A wills lawyer from Law Group Of Iowa can help you decide how to allocate your things, but that decision is ultimately up to you as to where you want everything to go. It’s important to establish a will because the vast majority of people don’t actually plan out their wills before they die (if they do have one it’s usually an old one), which means many families end up fighting because there was no legal document outlining their loved one’s wishes. Or, you may have circumstances in which you need a probate lawyer or living trust lawyer, and the park provides a great space to organize your thoughts.

Giffin Fields Winterset, IAGiffin Fields Winterset, IA

Located just under forty minutes away from the offices of Law Group Of Iowa, Giffin Fields in Winterset, IA is another place we recommend — especially if you have kids! Giffin Fields is made up of three baseball diamonds and batting cages. Giffin Fields is home to the Winterset Little League, which hosts games year-round for baseball and softball. Maintained by the city, Giffin Fields in Winterset, Iowa is a fun place to catch a ballgame or two. Spend some time relaxing and watching the games in general, or sign your child up for little league so they can enjoy the use of these fields.

Keeping your kids in mind as you work with an estate planning lawyer in Winterset, IA, you may be interested in setting up a living trust with one of Law Group Of Iowa’s living trust lawyers. A living trust is designed to help make sure that your assets are passed on to those you love without going through probate court. This can save time and money for all parties involved, which is especially important if there are children involved or if there are other complications related to passing on assets. Working with a living trust attorney in Winterset, Iowa will help ensure that you have everything set up correctly so that when it comes time for your death, things go smoothly and according to plan. If you are not looking for a living trust lawyer, we also have probate lawyers and wills lawyers available to help with estate planning.

Winterset Area Skate ParkWinterset Area Skate Park

Another family favorite, the Winterset Area Skate Park is just a little over thirty-six miles away from the Law Group Of Iowa offices. This skate park has one of everything for all types of skateboarders, including an old school area with ramps and rails and some street skating features like benches and stairs to do grinds on. The park also has plenty of spaces for younger skaters to have fun as well as areas specifically designed for teens and adults. Whether you’re looking for a great place to spend time with your family or are just interested in improving your skills, you can get your fill at Winterset Area Skate Park!

It’s good to do some physical exercise to clear your head to help plan your estate. While most estate planning lawyers will tell you that their primary job is to ensure that your assets are passed down to loved ones when you die, they often overlook another important part of estate planning: protecting yourself financially during life. In other words, it’s not enough just to ensure that everyone will be taken care of after death; there needs to be a plan in place so that if something happens while you’re still alive (i.e., incapacitation), those same loved ones will be taken care of financially too. A probate lawyer can help with all of these issues and more — and we also have living trust lawyers and wills lawyers standing by to help. If you have questions about how to make sure your assets pass where you want them to go, what steps need to be taken now or in the future for health care directives or wills, or anything else related to estate planning, our team at Law Group Of Iowa would love to hear from you!

Estate planning can be a difficult topic to address. That’s why we recommend the aforementioned places to clear your head, enjoy spending time with family, and create some space for you to organize your thoughts as you work with an estate planning lawyer in Winterset, Iowa. When you are ready to plan your estate — whether that is with a wills lawyer, probate lawyer, or living trust lawyer — the offices of Law Group Of Iowa are here and available to help you; reach out today to start the process of planning your estate.