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Waveland Golf Course
If you are looking for the oldest municipal golf course near west of Mississippi, then you’ve found it at Waveland Golf Course inWaveland Golf Course Des Moines IA Des Moines, IA. It features an 18-hole course with a traditional layout built in the early 1900s. What makes Waveland Golf Course different from other public courses is the range of slope. The course was built along a wooded hillside, where the trees are fully grown, so a golfer should be sure to use accuracy. While the course is not incredibly long, the continuous play among the trees can make it appear that way.

Despite the challenge of the course, forty-thousand rounds are played at this golf site each year. When making your way to or from our law firm, consider playing a round of golf to bring the mind and body back to center. If you’re ready to make an appointment, call our team in Des Moines, IA now. 

River Drive Park Des Moines IARiver Drive Park
Located just over four miles away from our law firm is River Drive Park. Nextdoor is also Riverview Park and Crocker Woods Park. The Des Moines River runs through all three of these parks and provides a space for the community to absorb the sounds and scents of being in nature.

At Law Group of Iowa in Des Moines, IA, we know that dealing with a serious legal issue can cause so much stress for you and your family. Because these parks are so close to us, we sometimes encourage our clients to bask in nature or take a gentle walk to calm their nerves. It’s imperative to take time for yourself, especially during a difficult period. 

Des Moines Water Works Park
As one of the largest urban parks in America, many clients are inclined to explore some of the 1,500 acres of riversideDes Moines IA Water Works Park woods at Des Moines Water Works Park. This park is operated and owned by Des Moines Water Works, who plays a role in the quality of life for central-state Iowan’s. This foundation was formed in 2013 as a nonprofit organization focused on the recreation, education, and conservation of clean water. Leaders in the community saw the unrealized potential of this expansive green space, and clean water was the driving force behind design development.

Trust us when we say that our client’s well being is of utmost importance. We can direct you toward which spots to visit depending on what kind of serenity or fun you’re in need of. Don’t hesitate to call our Des Moines, IA lawyers from Law Group of Iowa for legal assistance today.