Living will lawyer Des Moines IAA Living will lawyer Des Moines IA from the Law Group of Iowa can understand that thinking about end-of-life care is not something many people put on their priority list. Who wants to envision a situation where they are incapacitated and cannot express preferences for life-sustaining medical care? However, having your wishes written in a living can either see to it that every possible effort is made for you or if there are circumstances in which you’d prefer to be let go and rest peacefully.  

A living will is a document that describes how you want your medical care to proceed if you were not able to express these wishes in the moment. A living will is usually utilized in combination with other estate planning documents, such as a power of attorney or health care proxy. Essentially, what a living will does is outline to what degree you want to be kept alive if there was a medical situation where you were not able to fully recover. Or, it may instruct doctors to make an effort to sustain your life by whatever means necessary. 

As your IA Living will lawyer in Des Moines may explain, without a living will, decisions about your health care may fall into the hands of people that you would not want to make this choice for you. And consider this questions as well: how will loved ones know what to do if you are not able to communicate your wishes and there is no legal document that tells them what you would want? By having your life-sustaining preferences written down, they can be referred to in the event you were to become medically debilitated. 

Some people decide to establish a health care proxy alongside a living will. A proxy is an individual you appoint to tell doctors your medical wishes and/or to make medical-related choices for you. Furthermore, if you don’t want to be resuscitated should your heart or breathing halt, you can include this preference within the living will document. Not sure if you need a living will and medical care directives? Here are signs that you may want to have one:

  • – You prefer to have an individual be given the position to make important medical decisions should incapacitation occur
  • – You are living with a terminal illness or about to have serious surgery
  • – Leaving end-of-life medical decisions for your immediate family members to decide would greatly distress them (such as spouse or children)

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