Advanced medical directives lawyer Des Moines IAAs an Advanced medical directives lawyer Des Moines, IA at Law Group of Iowa can explain, medical directives are documents within an estate plan that tells doctors and your closest loved ones what your medical wishes are in certain scenarios. Such preferences may entail what you do and do not want to have done at the end of your life. Before drafting an advanced healthcare directive, you should consider the various kinds of medical situations that can happen at any point throughout your lifetime. Your legal team and your treating physicians can work together to assist you in establishing a proper advanced medical directive.

Writing a Valid Directive

As your advanced medical directives lawyer in Des Moines, Iowa can review with you, in order to have a valid directive, a person has to be at least 18 years or older and have a sound mind and capacity to make decisions. Adult witnesses or a notary public may be required to sign and confirm that an advanced medical directive is valid. By providing these signatures, it acknowledges that the person creating the document is acting from their very own will and is competent to do so. 

Witnesses and Signatures

Examples of people who cannot serve as witnesses include alternative health care agents, employees of a healthcare facility, a healthcare agent, or supervising healthcare provider. Additionally, your family members by adoption, marriage, or blood are not permitted to be witnesses for an advance medical directive either. It is worth noting that these directives can be updated or revoked at any time. But in order to revoke a health directive, the person has to notify their healthcare provider in writing or in person. Writing a new advanced medical directive automatically revokes and replaces any previous directive. 

The Law Group of Iowa

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