Corporate formation lawyer Des Moines IA

As a Corporate formation lawyer  Des Moines, IA from the Law Group of Iowa knows, it’s incredibly exciting to have a new business venture, and the idea itself is just the first step. After you have decided to move forward, you will have to decide which business structure is appropriate for the service or product you are offering. This decision will impact the future of your company’s success, so it’s important you have reliable information. We believe in the success of new business owners, and hope that you turn to our team for reliable insight.

Regardless of the industry type or size, every choice you make from the first step and on will pave the path for your business foundation. By taking the time to get support from a business attorney, you can feel assured that your best interests are protected and that you are set up to thrive. To operate a business legally, you will have to obtain certain local and federal permits. Our team can ensure every aspect of your business formation is considered and that your business is registered properly.

When launching a business, you will have to get comfortable making big decisions, especially when it comes to choosing your business structure and ownership. We can assess your business needs and help you choose the best structure while also reducing liability and taxes. With our in-depth understanding of Iowa laws and regulations, we can work with you to choose a company type that fits your vision, resources, and business goals. We can help you select an LLC, partnership, corporation, or sole proprietorship. In addition to addressing your business needs, an Iowa Corporate formation lawyer in Des Moines can write up contracts such as:

  • – Shareholder agreements
  • – Buy-sell agreements
  • – Non-compete agreements 
  • – Bylaws
  • – LLC operating agreements
  • – Service contracts
  • – Release of liability
  • – Partnership operating agreements
  • – Employee handbooks
  • – Confidentiality agreements
  • – Employment agreements


Another topic you may have questions about is about how to file taxes now that you have a business. Of course, everyone knows they have to pay taxes, but there are nuances to consider for business owners. The kind of business structure you have will dictate what taxes you are obligated to pay. Our legal team can talk with you about income tax, employment tax, excise tax, estimated tax, property tax, sales tax, and much more. We are more than happy to speak with people who want to launch their own business and guide them along the way. Don’t refrain from calling a Corporate formation lawyer in Des Moines, Iowa from the Law Group of Iowa for assistance with all your business needs!