How do we find a nursing home that’s right for our loved ones?

This is a perennial question that comes up for much of the sandwich generation—those that are taking care of both the generation above and below them. Family members want the best for their loved ones and want their families to feel loved, cared for, and empathy. That is more than reasonable and in fact it is attainable with the assistance of the attorneys of the Iowa Law Group.

We work closely with each of the 289 nursing homes within the state to find the best fit for your family member. We do not get any commissions or kickbacks from these facilities, but instead work with them to further your goals. What does that mean? A good example is a client in their 50s whose one living parent is in their 70s and needs in-patient care at a nursing facility. We listen to the client’s expectations on level of care, distance from their home, religious affiliations, level of acute or sub-acute care offered, and other factors in choosing a facility. We then act on your behalf to find a group of care facilities that meet your needs. We will help connect you with the facility to arrange tours and to answer any questions you may have. For example, if they are private pay, they may restrict access to those needing Medicaid coverage. If they accept Medicaid, it may be harder to find a private room. These are just some of the considerations in choosing a nursing home.

That’s why people seek out the assistance of the Elder Law experts of the Iowa Law Group. We are seasoned and familiar with the process and the emotional toll it can take on a family. We are a compassion-focused law firm. What does that mean? It means that, we offer more than just a box of tissues and bad news—we put ourselves in your shoes and problem solve and strategize to help you achieve your needs and to preserve your sanity and your loved one’s dignity.

There are other considerations besides distance and funding a loved one’s stay in a nursing facility. For example, if they do need care related to a degenerative cognitive disorder like dementia, they will likely need a specialized nursing facility. Perhaps they need the support of a ventilator or perimeter tracking because your loved one may get lost easily. Each facility offers a different set of solutions that must be vetted with your attorney. We will work with you to figure out your loved one’s needs and how to finance their care. We work hard to protect their assets, savings, and income using mechanisms that are specially created under Iowa law. It is a daunting task that touches on IRS Codes, Estate tax issues, and Irrevocable trusts…the process is challenging for those that don’t have an elder law attorney. Don’t be one of those people. When it’s time to find the best care home for your loved one, trust in the Iowa Law Group to achieve your goals!