Wills and Wines Lawyer Des Moines, IA

What is Wills and Wines?

Wills and Wines is the newest and most innovative way to take control of your future. At each session, members of the Law Group of Iowa team will present you, your friends, and other guests with information about important legal documents you need to protect yourself and your loved ones. The Law Group of Iowa will hold general and bespoke informational sessions based on your needs—do you want to learn more about wills? Have you ever wondered if you need to create a trust for your kids? How do you start to plan for relocating aging relatives to nursing homes—and how you will pay for it! Each session is hosted at an award-winning location, that offers a distinct culinary and wine-tasting experience. Enjoy a nice evening with friends, family, and even a chance to do some networking over fine wine and exceptional food—that’s the Law Group of Iowa difference!

But what about the Wines?

We are all guilty of it—ignoring those things we are supposed to get done, but instead rely on time to magically fix things. Being an adult can be challenging! But, estate, life, and long-term care planning doesn’t magically happen on its own. Each of us has to take control of our own future. So, have a glass of wine, take the edge off, and learn about the many options available for you and your family to explore. This also means that you get to meet your attorneys in an informal atmosphere without feeling pressured into signing anything or committing to anything!

Discussing estate planning and end of life matters can be anxiety provoking for some and absolutely terrifying for others while many of us fall somewhere in between. Our market research indicates that while many people recognize they need at least some direction in regards to estate planning, many of them stick their heads in the sand. Estate planning, figuring out long-term care options, considering what to do with your body after death…those are all things your parents and grandparents typically worry about. Where does one start?
Where does one even begin?!?

The most common reasons given to us for avoiding future-planning are:

  • The perceived level of stress to complete the process
  • The pressure of thinking you have to have everything figured out before meeting with an attorney.
  • The fear of asking your attorney or other professional “stupid questions.”
  • The general disdain for discussing anything related to death.
  • The misconceptions surrounding a typically “elderly” discussion

The skilled attorneys of the Law Group of Iowa saw all of these issues and decided to not continue to do business as usual. We have spent years trying to help people that didn’t have plans. The system is not fair to those that don’t have a plan in place and the results of not planning are heart-breaking for the survivors. We don’t take the suffering of anyone in our State lightly. The system doesn’t cut it right now. So, when it comes to encouraging people to take care of their estate planning, we see it as a personal and professional responsibility. From that thought, it quickly became clear that a “group session” addresses all three of the concerns listed above! How?

  • Wills and Wines is purely informational—you don’t even need to bring a pen! Not only will you not be asked to sign any type of legal documents, we won’t allow it. If, following the meeting, you would like additional information or to schedule an appointment, please let us know.
  • We will describe a process that reflects your values—if you want to ask questions, ask questions—if not, you will not be put on the spot! Frankly, unless you raise your hand or call out a question, you won’t be called on! We promise! You are welcome to talk to us in private or when we are walking around the room to pull aside and ask us questions.
  • We will take the fear and mystery out of estate planning. You’re right it can be complicated but if you hire people you trust and get along with outside of the office, you’re more likely to achieve success. Much like buying a new car, you should kick the tires and get to know us before making any life-planning decisions. Your relationship with your attorney may last many decades to come. Life keeps going and changing as time progresses and so you will want to work with the Law Group of Iowa because we will be here for the long-haul to serve you.

But, still…what about the Wines?

We are busy professionals, parents, family members, and friends just like you. Our lives are filled with commitments and it can be hard to get excited about an event. Wine, good food, and nice people can make any night more inviting! We offer different styles of gatherings—from open to the public, to one on one—we cater to your needs. Wine tasting is an innovative way to make learning about estate planning a little more palatable. With that thought in mind, we have worked with several of the top wine vendors and suppliers in the United States to bring you a memorable and informative experience. We collaborate with the state and the nation’s best minds to create an experience worth leaving the house for. Our partners recognize the importance of effective estate planning and agree to come along with their wines and wisdom to help us get the word out about effective planning.

To learn more or to schedule a Wills & Wines meeting, call us today at 515-556-IOWA!