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A West Des Moines car accident lawyer knows that consumers purchase insurance to protect themselves from loss after an accident, illness, or tragedy. Some insurance is even required, such as auto insurance. Yet, every day, there are people who find that insurance payouts are not easy to obtain and never guaranteed, especially in car accidents. In fact, despite having substantial evidence of their loss, many find themselves victimized by insurance companies. They receive low offers and experience lengthy delays that put their financial future at risk. Can a car accident lawyer help? The following information may be able to offer some perspective.

Understanding the Nature of Low Settlements, Delays, and Denials

Often, consumers are taken aback by the complications arising out of an insurance claim. They have paid their premium religiously and expected fair treatment – that their claim would be paid in full. After all, the insurance is supposed to cover losses experienced by their clients, right? Sadly, what most consumers do not is that insurance companies are businesses that are focused on making money, not losing it. So, rather than safeguard their clients, they find ways to deny claims. They impose stressful and lengthy delays, hoping consumers will take a lower offer, simply because they are tired of waiting for compensation. In short, they are more concerned with protecting their bottom line than the well-being of their clients.

How Can a Car Accident Lawyer Help?

Not every consumer is entitled to full compensation. If, for example, an auto accident occurs and the fault is shared between the policyholder and another driver, the settlement amount may be lower. However, you may not be as responsible in the accident as the insurance company claims. Their investigation looks for any information that will rule in their favor. In other instances, the delays and low offers may be a matter of trying to settle for a lower amount, keeping more of your money in the pocket of the insurance provider. How can you tell the difference?

Usually, it takes the skilled knowledge of a West Des Moines car accident lawyer to tell for certain. So, if you have any doubts that your claim is being handled fairly, be sure to contact our firm. We will step in and negotiate with the insurance companies, ensuring your rights as a consumer are protected. Our car accident lawyers will negotiate the most favorable settlement possible. Further, our law firm can help prevent or dispute a wrongful denial of your claim.

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