Social Security Disability Lawyer - disabled person sign on wall
  • April 09

Caregivers of Parents

Social Security Disability Lawyer Many people who have elderly parents make the decision to be the parent’s caregiver instead of placing them in a nursing home. They want to make sure their parent is well taken care of and happy and make the commitment to never risk the health and safety of their ...
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  • March 18

Common Injuries and Risks Faced by Sanitation Workers

Workers Compensation Lawyer NY If you are a sanitation worker then you are dealing with dirt, and you are dealing with danger every single day that you go to work. Sanitation workers perform a valuable service, and oftentimes they are handling hazardous trash and waste. The risk of serious injury an...
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  • February 25

How to Find an Elder Care Lawyer

For most people, life expectancy keeps getting longer. Because there are often more health challenges as you age, you’ll want to be as sure as you can be that ill health expenses can be handled without devastating your estate and/or your family with huge expenses. Covering your long term care cost...
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  • February 22

The Easy Estate Planning Mistakes We All May Commit

The Easy Estate Planning Mistakes We All May Commit When establishing your estate plan, it’s vital that you avoid some of the easiest mistakes that we are all vulnerable to making. Simply put, most of us aren’t deeply knowledgeable in estate pla law, nor do we enjoy thinking about our own mortal...
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  • February 22

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy 

One of the reasons a large financial issue happens is because businesses and companies cannot afford to pay various expenses that aid in keeping employers and employees in financial check.  An example of this would be a business owner not being able to pay back a loan that was borrowed due to alrea...
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Law Firm - Foot in Cast Hospital Bed
  • February 17

Should You File a Claim Without a Lawyer?

Hiring a Law Firm It can be hard to understand that even when you are being incredibly cautious, someone else who is acting negligently or recklessly can come along and injure you. You may be a pedestrian who waited for the light to change at the crosswalk before entering the street or the driver wh...
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  • February 11

Honoring Order of Protection Terms

If you have been accused of domestic abuse, you may be the subject of an order of protection. Although orders of protection are often referred to by slightly different terms in various jurisdictions, the idea behind these orders is the same. Essentially, whether they are well-founded or not, these o...
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  • February 09

What are the responsibilities of a Family Lawyer?

The Iowa Law Group understands that family law issues of all kinds can be emotional issues. Whether you are dealing with divorce, child support, child support, or other legal issues, the consequences of the issue can have a significant impact on you and your child. That’s why when the need arises ...
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