• November 18

Do You Need a Lawyer to Help You with Estate Planning? 

You absolutely need assistance when you decide to begin thinking about estate planning. Do not hesitate to contact an experienced estate planning lawyer in your state, like someone from Yee Law Group, PC, as soon as possible to begin setting up a plan. You want to make sure that your loved ones are always taken care of, and planning ahead for your passing can do this. There are many different things a lawyer will help you with, but possibly the most important is to ensure all of the paperwork is filed properly. Here are a few common things that a lawyer will help make better in the estate planning process. 

Your Lawyer Will Make Sure Things Are Done Properly

It is always important to make sure paperwork is done correctly and that the right measures are taken in order to protect your estate. This can make all of the difference in how much your loved ones receive when you are gone and how simple the process is to have access to your estate. It is important to make this easy, as your family and friends will be grieving your loss and will want to focus on celebrating your life, rather than going through a difficult probate process. If you are prepared ahead of time, it will make everything much easier on those around you. 

Your Lawyer Will Ensure Your Estate Is Not Overly Taxed

Probate taxes can be incredibly high. This is why it is important to have an estate planning lawyer on your side to help avoid these unnecessary taxes. He or she will likely recommend tactics like giving away items while you are still alive or setting up trusts that cannot be taxed for your loved ones to receive when you pass away. Your lawyer will ensure all of this is set up correctly so that your relatives or friends can get their items as soon as possible after you are gone. 

Contact a Lawyer Today 

Reach out to an estate planning law firm today to set up a consultation with a knowledgeable lawyer in your area. He or she can go over your assets with you as well as determine how to best distribute them after your passing. You can also figure out who you want to be the executor of your will, who will be beneficiaries of your estate, and even figure out a medical power of attorney to have, just in case you are ever involved in a catastrophic accident and left incapacitated. A lawyer will be happy to help with all of this and more. Just reach out as soon as possible, as tomorrow is never guaranteed. 

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