• January 09

What Should I Do If I Have a Drug Charge?

Drug Lawyer

If you are facing a drug charge, you will want to deal with it right away. Any kind of criminal charge should not be ignored. You need to make sure that you can have a strong and persuasive defense, otherwise you could receive harsh penalties such as fines or jail time. As a drug lawyer like one from Garrett, Walker, Aycoth & Olson, Attorneys at Law can tell you, a drug charge is considered a “wobbler” offense, which means prosecutors can charge them as misdemeanors or felonies.  Keep the following things in mind if you find yourself facing a drug charge. 

Do Not Panic

Be calm and stay focused if you are told that you are being charged with any kind of drug charge, from possession, tracking, or use of illegal substances. Panicking will only make your situation worse, and you can end up making foolish decisions that will only make you look more guilty. Remember that just because you are charged doesn’t mean that you will automatically be handed the worst sentence.  

Avoid Talking to Police

You should not talk to the police about anything or provide a statement until you have a lawyer. Talking to any law enforcement officials without first getting the guidance you need can jeopardize your case. The police will want to get as much information from you as they can, so they will try to manipulate you into providing statements that will not necessarily help your case. 

Do Not Hide or Destroy Evidence

If you are facing a drug charge and believe that there might be compelling evidence against you, you might feel pressured to get rid of that evidence as soon as possible. You want to delete evidence such as text messages, mail or other types of communication. However, attempting to hide or eliminate any evidence can result in further criminal consequences. 

Be Careful About What You Say

Being careless about who you talk to or what you post on your social media profiles can be consequential. You don’t want to share any details about your case since it is ongoing. This also applies to your phone call if the police have you in custody. The police could be listening in on your call so do not attempt to contact family or friends and share sensitive information.

Contact a Drug Lawyer

If you want your defense to be strong, hiring a competent and experienced lawyer is highly recommended. Learn more by scheduling a risk-free consultation now. 

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