• March 18

Common Injuries and Risks Faced by Sanitation Workers

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If you are a sanitation worker then you are dealing with dirt, and you are dealing with danger every single day that you go to work. Sanitation workers perform a valuable service, and oftentimes they are handling hazardous trash and waste. The risk of serious injury and death every day that they go out to work is something that not a lot of people are aware of, and if a sanitation worker becomes injured at work they do deserve workers compensation and should reach out to a workers compensation lawyer such as the ones available at Hurwitz, Whitcher & Molloy LLP.

Injuries and Health Hazards Faced by Garbage Collectors on the Day-To-Day

Some dangers that are encountered by sanitation workers are often being prevented by training and safe writing and backing up procedures while dealing with the garbage trucks, and being equipped with better safety equipment and how to use the safety equipment you are equipped with. But not all hazards are avoidable, because a lot of the hazards are actually in the garbage that is being collecte.d.

Below is a list of common injuries that sensation workers may face, this is not a full and exhaustive list.

  • Trips and falls are fairly common because these workers have to be able to jump in and out of their trucks multiple times, sometimes these trucks are even moving while they are collecting trash. This means they may suffer falls while rushing to get to the next can, or they may slip because of the roadways. Slips and falls can lead to fractures, spinal injuries and head injuries among others.
  • Lifting injuries are even more common, and eventhough there are more automated garbage trucks out there, occasional workers still have to lift heavy garbage cans, if they are not equipped with an automated left. Lifting injuries look like lower back strain, hernias, shoulder injuries and bruised knees among others.
  • Vehicle related injuries are extremely common because garbage collectors who are picking up trash are at risk for being hit by the garbage truck driver who does not see them. They may also be at risk to be hit by other people on the roadway.
  • Hazardous materials are extremely common because people place things that they do not think of  as being hazardous into the trash. Cat litter is a hazardous material that is typically just tossed into a garbage can can lead to toxoplasmosis or other infections. Bleach, pesticide, needles and more can be thrown into the trash and expose the worker to various injuries, infections and more.

Sanitation workers should be aware that they do qualify for workers compensation as long as they meet federal and state requirements such as working a full-time job. If a sanitation worker is injured or made ill by something on the job, and they are out of work, workers compensation can help them compensate for lost wages and cover their medical bills. Sanitation workers compensation lawyer today to discuss whether you have a case.

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