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  • September 23

What Is Elder Law?

Elder Law Lawyer

As the age rate increases within the elderly population, the need for elder law and elder law lawyers is rising as well. There are many misconceptions regarding what this type of law is, and what elder law lawyers do. The following should answer a few of those questions, and misconceptions, showing the value that elder law lawyers bring to this community.

What is elder law?

Elder law can be defined as the area of legal practice that focuses on the elderly population and their unique needs. An elder law lawyer is an attorney who practices elder law, representing their aged clients as they plan for their long-term care options, and protecting them against ageism and elder abuse. 

Does an elder law lawyer assist with neglect or elder abuse?

An elder law lawyer has the experience needed to detect, and fight for justice if their client is in a negligent or abusive situation. If you or a loved one fear that elder abuse or neglect may be occurring, please reach out to Kaplan Law Practice, LLC clients trust to help protect and ensure the safety of aged individuals. By working with an attorney that specializes in elder law, they can verify if the abuse is taking place, move their client into a safe housing or caregiving situation, and fight for compensation legally if the client wishes. 

What does elder abuse entail?

Many are confused as to what elder abuse looks like, and what type of situations this abuse takes place in. Elder abuse is any physical, emotional, sexual, mental, or financial exploitation or neglect of an aged individual. Unfortunately, this abuse can be done at the hands of a caregiver, hospital staff, family member, employer, loved one, friend, or stranger on the internet. Elder abuse and ageism can be found within the workplace as well. If an elderly person is wrongfully terminated, overlooked for a promotion, or treated poorly by an employer or business because of their age, this might be considered elder abuse. Neglect is classified as elder abuse if a caretaker withholds medication, or fails to meet their patient’s basic human needs. Although an elder may be afraid to speak up against this neglect or abuse, especially if they are worried their housing or care may be in jeopardy, it is crucial they speak to an elder law lawyer. Their attorney will ensure their safety and find them a new caretaker or housing situation if needed. An elder law lawyer will provide their clients with the peace of mind they deserve, and fight for their rights. Sadly, many people prey on this vulnerable population believing they can get away with abuse or exploitation. Rather than protecting this amazing group of aged individuals, some employers, caregivers, family members, and strangers choose to treat this population like second-rate citizens. 

Elder law lawyers work tirelessly to protect their client’s rights and defend their freedoms. If you or a loved one is in need of legal representation for the elderly, look no further and contact an elder law lawyer today!

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