• June 22

4 Situations Where You Should Hire an Employment Lawyer

Employment Lawyers

Employment Lawyers

If you’ve been injured on the job, workers compensation can help offset any medical bills and lost wages. However, workers compensation claims are not always simple. Here are a few situations where hiring an employment lawyer Fairfax VA may be necessary for you to secure your benefits.

When the Timeline is Unclear

In order to qualify for workers comp, you’ll have to prove that your injuries are work-related. Unfortunately, this can be tricky for those who have latent injuries. An injury that’s deemed minor at first can be aggravated over time or have underlying effects that don’t show symptoms until later. Additionally, if you did not report your injury as soon as it happened, there will be no record that you can use to substantiate your claim, allowing the insurance company to say your injury occurred outside of work.

When Your Injury is Permanent

Some injuries are severe enough to cause a permanent disability that could hinder your ability to perform your job duties. In cases where you cannot return to work, your employer’s insurance is more likely to fight the claim due to how expensive it can be to cover your medical treatments and loss of wages. Additionally, they may try to reduce your total settlement by lowering your permanent disability rating. Workers comp for the permanently disabled is awarded based on a rating designated by a doctor. Insurance companies have the ability to contest a rating assigned by your doctor and require you to undergo an examination by doctor of their choosing, increasing the likelihood that you’ll be given a lower rating.

When You Have a Preexisting Condition

Insurance companies will try to blame your injury on your preexisting condition if your condition involves the injured area of your body, especially if the injury is latent.

When Your Benefits Are at Risk

A workers comp claim can lower your social security disability benefits. If you are or plan on claiming SSDI, contact a lawyer to help adjust the terms of your workers comp settlement so that you are not missing out on government benefits. Additionally, insurance companies are notorious for delaying benefits when the treatments are expensive. Sometimes they’ll refuse to settle, which means you’ll have to attend a hearing and prove your case to a judge. Having a lawyer represent you in a legal case is crucial.

If you have concerns about your workers comp case, don’t hesitate to seek out a lawyer. Employment lawyers such as May Law, LLP are skilled in this field and will advise you on the best course of action and represent you should you take this to court.

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