• June 23

How Do I Know If I Need a Wrongful Death Lawyer

Wrongful Death Lawyer

Nothing is more traumatic than the loss of a loved one. However, you seldom imagine the possibility that the death of a cherished family member might be because of the actions or negligence of other individuals. Unfortunately, such incidents occur more often than you might suppose. While we do not know exactly how many wrongful deaths occur annually, we can list the primary sources of suits and claims originating from such events. High on the list are vehicular accidents, including cars and trucks, as well as motorcycles and bicycles. There are a staggering number of wrongful death medical malpractice suits filed. Also on the list of wrongful death causes are workplace accidents and criminal conduct, with faulty products being a major source of death as well. Should you lose a loved one under questionable circumstances, you may wonder about filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

Definition of Wrongful Death

The first thing to understand about this is that the specifics of wrongful death are carefully spelled out in the law. Although wrongful death is not a legal reason to sue someone in every nation, in the United States it is generally the case that you can make a claim or bring an action against someone who has caused the death of another. There are legal limits regarding who can file such a suit, as a wrongful death lawyer, can explain. You must be judged to “have standing” to bring such an action, basically meaning that the death of this person was a substantial loss to you.

Civil Cases and Criminal Cases

You may think that someone who caused the death of a loved one will be prosecuted under the law. Often that is not the case. The perpetrator may not have broken any laws. Prosecutors may not have the necessary evidence to convict. Thus, it is important to remember there is a difference between a legal prosecution and a civil lawsuit. You may be able to file a suit for wrongful death even if the state cannot file charges against a perpetrator.

Importance of a Wrongful Death Expert

Many legal judgments and nuances are part of the legal framework of wrongful death laws. For instance, you may not be able to sue someone until criminal action against that individual has been resolved. There may be limits on the type of suit you can file, the remedy you can ask for and the time limit for filing. To understand the law and protect your rights, you need to contact an experienced wrongful death lawyer.

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