• July 09

Estate Planning Lawyer in Sacramento CA

Estate Planning Lawyer

Law offices such as the Yee Law Group offer comprehensive and collaborative wealth management services that are designed to meet their clients where they are, whether they want to grow or to preserve their assets. Companies such as the Yee Law Group Take a lot of pride in contributing to the enduring security and success of our community and the clients they serve.

No matter where you are in life, there is a comprehensive list of wealth management services that are available to guide you through what you need out of your life. From retirement planning to charitable giving, an estate planning lawyer can help you to support your financial goals by learning about you and what you care about.

Estate planning lawyers in Sacramento, CA are also called state law attorneys or probate lawyers. These are licensed and experienced professionals with a thorough understanding of state and federal laws and how they affect your estate, how your estate will be inventoried, value, disperse, and text after you die. An estate planning lawyer in Sacramento, CA can educate you about the probate process and they can assist you with the following tasks:

  • Your estate planning lawyer can assist you in creating a will.
  • Your estate planning lawyer can assist you in designating your beneficiaries.
  • Your estate planning lawyer can help you establish a durable power of attorney and a medical durable power of attorney.
  • Your estate planning lawyer can help you find ways to reduce and avoid estate tax where possible.
  • Your estate planning lawyer can help you find ways to avoid the probate court process.
  • Your estate planning lawyer can help you to set up any trust that you might need to protect your assets, both for your benefit during your lifetime and in the event of incapacity and later after your death.

Often times estate planning lawyers are going to charge a flat fee to help you craft binding legal document such as your will or your durable power of attorney, but they can be employed on an hourly basis to help maintain your estate, act on your behalf to handle disputes is called upon to ensure that your will is carried out.

In the event that a beneficiary or an individual who is not designated as a beneficiary announces that they plan to contest the will and to the estate of a decedent, it might be in your best interest to consult an estate planning attorney immediately because such losses can quickly drain the estates fund and leave all the beneficiaries with nothing. When someone contests so will or a trust, an estate planning lawyer should have the experience to handle that lawsuit in a quick and timely manner.

An estate planning lawyer can also be called upon to guide anyone who has power of attorney over someone’s estate after they have died to the process of probate court. Probate court is a long and lengthy process, and can be quite complex.

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