• February 03

Technology in Law Enforcement

The rapid progression in technology may make your life a breeze, whether you are using your global positioning system (GPS) to avoid traffic during your regular commute to work, or being able to see your loved ones face to face by video chat although they may be miles away. While these are small beauties to many, there are some people that may see a downside to the progression in technology, as it has also made the work of law enforcement easier. When a crime is committed, the best way for police to “catch their guy” is to be ahead of them. Technology allows them to do so. Without the use of technology, it is almost unlikely that law enforcement will be able to serve and protect civilians as they made a promise to do. 

Committing a series of crimes is not as easy as it used to be because technology is rapidly improving with each day. When there are a series of crimes that share patterns or similarities being committed, but there is a lack of witnesses or evidence that assists law enforcement in connecting a target to said crimes, criminal geographical targeting becomes a very helpful tool for law enforcement to utilize to catch their suspect. By using all available resources and evidence, criminal geographical targeting is a computerized system that will assist law enforcement in minimizing their search based on facts of the crimes. For example, if there are chains of robberies being committed in a residential area, CGT will use details, such as the time the crimes are committed, the selected areas the robberies took place, and other factors to create a strategy that will narrow down options for a suspect. If the crimes occur around the same time in residential areas, this will allow law enforcement to eliminate certain people as a suspect, as these details may insinuate that the suspect is able to reach these locations by foot instead of having to drive.

When you have been brought in by law enforcement based on the data collected by the geographical technology, it is necessary to seek legal representation as soon as possible so that you can ensure that your rights have not been violated. If you or someone you know has been taken into custody thanks to the new technology used by police, speak with a criminal defense attorney, like one from The Lynch Law Group, soon so that a defense can be built for you.

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