• February 06

Common Examples of Pregnancy Discrimination 

Sex Discrimination Lawyer

Sex Discrimination LawyerA specific type of sex discrimination that often happens to female workers is pregnancy discrimination. Questions that look into a female worker’s decision to have a child or take care after their family are invasive and violate a worker’s rights. As a sex discrimination lawyer like one at Barry P. Goldberg knows, it is illegal for employers to ask workers about their plans involving family. Many workers who are victims of this kind of discrimination are female. There are various ways that an employer can discriminate against workers that are related to pregnancy or maternity matters. Some of the following scenarios are common examples of pregnancy discrimination committed by employers. 

Invasive Interview Questions

When employers are conducting interviews during the hiring process they may ask candidates questions that deal with their family. In many cases, these questions are directed towards female workers. Some of the questions may concern whether they plan to have a child soon or if they have recently been given birth. Interviewees are not required to provide answers to these types of questions. 

Denial of a Promotion

Choosing not to promote an employee because of pregnancy concerns is considered a discriminatory act. One example is when an employer finds out that a female employee may be planning to have a child, and uses that as the basis for not granting them a promotion. Employees should be given a fair chance of getting a promotion regardless of what sex or gender they are. 

Lack of Reasonable Accommodations 

Female workers who have just delivered a child and are returning to work may require specific accommodations, such as a more comfortable chair, longer break periods, modified tools and equipment. By law, employers must provide reasonable accommodations for women who are pregnant or are recovering from childbirth. If you are not given accommodations that you are entitled to, you have a right to file a complaint against your employer. 

There is no place for pregnancy discrimination in the workplace. Employees should not have to worry about how their personal decisions to care for or start a family will impact their job security. An employee should not have to choose between their work or their family. If you believe that you have been a victim of sex discrimination, you should consider obtaining the legal services from a lawyer at Barry P. Goldberg. Schedule a consultation with a trusted sex discrimination lawyer to understand your legal rights. 


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