• June 29

Personal Injury Attorney

If you are in a car accident because a client happened everyday and many people are going to be involved in them, then you should know the importance of speaking with a car accident witness. It’s important to get all the facts of what happened from witnesses for you to make any decisions about who was at fault or how much you should be compensated for your injuries. You don’t want to jump the gun so to speak.

Many times determining who is at fault in a car accident is going to be extremely straightforward but the times where this is not true are the ones that are going to cause the most trouble. One thing that many people do not know about the responding officer’s job is to write a report. They are not in charge of determining who is involved in the car accident; they are just there to take a recollection of events from witnesses and the people involved.

A police officer is going to simply write a report that details the statements given by the parties involved and that is their entire perception of the accident.

From there it becomes the job of the car insurance agents to determine if there was a fault in a car accident. Both drivers and car insurance agents are going to determine this. Any good personal injury attorney  such as the ones available at Ward and Ward Law Office, are going to tell you that there’ve been many times they have taken a car accident case with only a client’s insurance agent to decide that nobody was at all at fault. 

This is because for the insurance agency the easiest solution for them is going to be declaring that no one is at fault and this means they do not have to fight with the guilty parties and they will not have to fight with the other insurance agent or company to receive coverage for damages.

But did you know that if you use a car accident witness to strengthen your claim you can have a hand in forcing the insurance agents to do something about your claim. Other than video footage and eyewitnesses, statements are going to be the best way to provide proof that you were not at fault. To help with this task here is a list of five questions to ask each witness that was present during the accident.

These questions are:

  • What did you see?
  • Where were you located?
  • Did you witness the accident from start to finish
  • Did you witness the entire accident or just part of the accident?
  • Did you see any other witnesses?

The first question that you should ask somebody who has witnessed a car accident is what did you see. The first recollection of the event is going to be the most accurate and once they have answered you are going to have a good idea of whether or not there’s story is similar to what you remember from the accident.

You can do now somewhere they were located when the accident took place. An understanding this is going to give you their distance in relation to the accident whether or not they may have been blocked and seen the accident were blocked from being part of the accident. This can help you to get a better idea of what may or may not have taken place. If they were located in an area or at a distance where it is safe to assume close enough to have a good understanding of the events that took lease that is going to be safe to assume they are reliable witnesses.

Next you should ask them if they witnessed the entire accident or just part of it. Distant important questions to ask and it may get some to take more time to reflect on what they saw which is going to make them even more likely to remember more of the events that took place. If they did not see everything, ask if their view was blocked by other cars or objects in some way, and figure out if there were any obstructions during part of the accident because this could change what happened and how you should go about when you move or with your claim.

Next you can ask if they’ve seen other witnesses who may have witnessed the car accident. There is a good chance this question might be no but if there is another individual in the area who also witnessed the accident their version of the story may strengthen your case. And last but not least you should always ask if your witness has given a statement to the police officer yet. Oftentimes witnesses may approach to make sure that everyone is safe and okay but they may leave the scene after because they do not think they have any importance of speaking with the police officer.

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