You’ve made it, you’ve established yourself, and you don’t want to risk your future—that set of feelings is a great indicator that you need to see the elder law professionals at Law Group of Iowa. The services we provide for those that are millennials, Gen Xers, and other working age generations, we call life or future planning. We fully understand—you’re not elderly and you still have a lot of living to do. So how can we help you? Mid-career, you have accumulated assets, like a car, or a home; you’ve put away money into savings, and perhaps a retirement account; and your parents are starting to get older and you’re not sure will happen as they age. We can help to evaluate your assets and see how best to protect them from liability. We can look at your savings and see if you are doing all that you can to prepare for retirement. We can also help go over the steps for assisting your parents and loved ones.